Rhineia-Delos-Mykonos South beaches (Duration: Full day)

Price 1,050.00

Rhineia-Delos-Mykonos South beaches (Duration: Full day)


Delos is the unique Sacred Island of the Ancient Greek which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s an ark of history, floating lazily on the waters of the Aegean Sea, just a few miles away from cosmopolitan Mykonos and about 20 minutes with one of our hired boats. Delos, according to mythology, was revealed among the waves of the Aegean to Leto, who was being chased by the jealous Hero; it was the refuge where she gave birth to Apollo and Artemis. On Delos are found the admirably well-preserved ruins of one of the largest, most significant, and best- organized ancient Greek settlements, which you will have the chance to visit. 

Afterwards, you can relax and swim in the azure waters of Rhineia island. A must see, swim and feel destination away from the crowds and the favorite yachting destination of Mykonos!


Secluded Mykonos south beaches will be our final destination and you will admire the beautiful landscape from a sea view enjoying also a beautiful sunset on your return!


Price includes
- Snorkeling equipment
- Fresh towels
- Fresh fruits and beverages 

Picnic basket Includes: 
- Italian style Prosciutto and/or Smoked Salmon Sandwich, and/or cheese pie 
- Summer fresh fruits or fruit salad 
- Prosecco frizzante ("semi-sparkling wine") or Ice Cold lager beers, Coca – Cola and sparkling water
- Let us know if you have any particular preferences 



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