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Aegina and Moni island



The location in the Argo-Saronic gulf is an immediate attraction. You can start your day with swimming and snorkeling at the azure water of Moni island and/or strolling around in the beautiful city of Aegina. For fresh seafood we will visit Perdika fishing village at the south side of Aegina. If you desire, we can also include the Historic Epidaurus and visit the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, situated within the archaeological site of the Sanctuary of Asklepios, in the Argolis prefecture of the Peloponnese.


Approximate One way trip duration (boat on move at cruising speed): 1 hours and 10 minutes



Price includes
- Snorkeling equipment
- Fresh towels
- Fresh fruits and beverages 

Picnic basket Includes: 
- Italian style Prosciutto and/or Smoked Salmon Sandwich, and/or cheese pie 
- Summer fresh fruits or fruit salad 
- Prosecco frizzante ("semi-sparkling wine") or Ice Cold lager beers, Coca – Cola and sparkling water
- Let us know if you have any particular preferences 




At breakfast, do as the Greeks do and simply enjoy a slow coffee at one of the sea-front cafes. Snack on fresh cheese and spinach pastries from the bakery and fruit from the caiques. A true delight is ouzo with mezedes or a cold beer in the sunny afternoon. Finally, finish your day as you started by doing as the Greeks do and enjoy a late dinner in one of the fantastic tavernas. Salad, fresh fish, grilled meat…. Local specialty? The famous Aegina pistachios, a product of Protected Designation Origin. Our boat will take you to all the spectacular beaches of Aegina. Enjoy your swim in lovely beaches such as Perdika or Moni and then stroll carelessly in the island esplanade. 



Temple of Aphaea, dedicated to its namesake, a goddess who was later associated with Athena; the temple was part of a pre-Christian, equilateral holy triangle of temples including the Athenian Parthenon and the temple of Poseidon at Sounion.
Monastery of Agios Nectarios, dedicated to Saint Nectarios, a recent saint of the Greek Orthodox Church.
Ioannis Kapodistrias (1776–1831), the first administrator of free modern Greece, had a large building constructed; intended as a barracks, it was used subsequently as a museum, a library and a school. The museum was the first institution of its kind in Greece, but the collection was transferred to Athens in 1834. A statue in the principal square commemorates him.
Temple of Zeus Hellanios, near the village of PachiaRachi, is a 13th-century Byzantine church, built on the ruins of the ancient temple to Zeus Hellanios, built in the 4th century BC. The staircase leading up to the church, some of the original walls, and loose stones from the earlier temple remain. 



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